Gears of War iPhone Version in Two Years

Gears of War Coming to iPhone?

The answer to about query is Yes, According to Donald Mustard of Epic Entertainment Gears of Wars will be coming out on iPhone in two years or so.

Speaking to one of the gaming site Mustrad said “I think it’s going to be an interesting future, especially if in two years we can really run Gears of War on an iPhone.”

Gears of War

According to him Gears of War on iPhone will going to be the best looking handheld game in every aspect.

“I didn’t take it that seriously until we started making this game. Now I’m like, ‘Oh my goodness, this is literally going to be the best looking handheld game ever made’. It’s way beyond what a DS or PSP could do,”

However Germey Mustard Technical Director doesn’t go with Donald in terms of time period saying “If not two years, then certainly five years,”

“Well, it could be as soon as two years but within five years that will certainly be the case. It will at least be powerful enough to do that.”