Geoff Keighley Tease Something “1114Greatness”, says “2013 is Only Just The Beginning”


Geoff Keighley, Videogame Journalist and Host of Spike TV’s GTTV on his personal Twitter has tweeted a mystery related to Playstation 4.

PS4The tweet features a word “Greatness” i.e the term Sony is using for PS4 marketing plus a number “1114Greatness” (might possible hinting towards a day before PS4 launch i.e November 14) or date 1/1/2014?.

plHere is what the full tweet from Geoff Keighley reads:

Possibility is never ending, this guy might also be hyping VGAs 2013 Playstation 4 exclusive announcement, which might be a brand new title from Naughty Dog?.

What you guys think?, share you guess with us in the comment section below.