Geoff on E3 2014: Microsoft To Show “Game After Game”, Titles Coming In 2014 and 2015 To Be Showcased


Geoff Keighley, Videogame journalist and host of Spike TV’s GTTV, has shared interesting details regarding what all things we are going to see from Sony and Microsoft at E3 2014. According to details shared by Geoff in the latest episode of Larry Hryb’s podcast, both Sony and Microsoft will showcase games coming out in 2014 and also a lot of stuff that is coming in 2015 and beyond.

Geoff said: “I could tell that he [the Xbox Division’s new head Phil Spencer] was certainly thinking about how important it was for him to have a great E3 and for this team to have a great E3. I know everyone here seems really energized about showing a lot of great content.”

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And later added: “Yeah, I think it’s gonna be a good E3. You know, my sense right now is we’re gonna see some games that are coming this year but there’s gonna be a lot of stuff that is 2015 and beyond from all the companies.”

“What’s exciting about E3 is that you’re gonna get a taste of what this year is, but also hopefully a little bit of a longer roadmap. Because you know, part of what happens what happens with, I think, Xbox and Sony, last year you were driving so many games towards launch… There was a crazy number of games coming at launch and there’s a little bit of a lull with all the companies now, because “hey we’ve pushed everything for launch, now we have to recycle all these new games coming. So I hope we get a preview of a lot of that stuff from Phil.”

Geoff also added that at Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference there’s going to be lot of developers on stage and will be showing “game after game after game”.

Going by the reputation of Geoff, we definitely can’t ignore things that he said. Its seems like Microsoft is all set for a payback for last year’s blunder.