Geoff On E3 2016 Showing: “Ya’ll Aren’t Ready, Big Surprises”, This Years E3 Is The Best One Ever


Geoff Keighley, the Producer/Creator of YouTube Live at E3, is hyping this year’s E3 event as the best one ever. He is series of tweet, Geoff teased some big surprises for gaming community with a text “Ya’ll Aren’t Ready for what is about to happen”.

E3 2016: PS4 and Xbox One Teaser From Geoff

Here are some of the tweets of Geoff related to E3 2016 showing that stood out to me the most:

“I genuinely get excited this time of year. Next Monday will be a great day for our industry. World class content is coming. #E3.

Looking over our show rundown tonight, we have perhaps the best lineup we’ve ever had. 12 hours of amazing news and wall-to-wall games.

Is the following tweet hinting towards the happening of Crash Bandicoot for PlayStation 4?

Ya’ll aren’t ready for what is about to happen. I’ve been to all 22 E3s. 22!”

Last but not the least, Geoff also added:

“I promise you our E3 team has worked as hard as ever to bring you the best possible show. The biggest games. The biggest names. The moments.”

It is difficulty to make out exactly what kind of surprises Geoff is teasing for E3 2016, but going by his words it seems like gaming community is in for another great E3 showing.