Ghost of Tsushima Concept Art And Everything You Need To Know


“Ghost of Tsushima is about the Mongol invasion of Tsushima island in the year of 1274. You play as a samurai that survives and fights back and develops the technique of a ghost.” This is what the creative director of the game, Nate Fox had to say when asked about the game. And he summarised the game’s plot perfectly.

Ghost of Tsushima Concept Art

Ghost if Tsushima, a new IP developed by Sucker Punch, the studio behind the successful InFamous games. From the looks of the trailer, the visuals are amazing and the map seems to have breath-taking sceneries. The game is set in the feudal era Japan when the Samurai were the elite warriors. The timeline of the game is set during 1274 and 1281 when the Mongols tried to invade Japan. From the looks of it, the game starts with the invasion of Mongols on the island of Tsushima.

The storyline of the game is based upon one of the major wars in the history of Japan, that is when Mongolian conqueror Kublai Khan tried to conquer Japan. The Mongol Invasions of Japan had a major impact on the history of mankind as the first kind of handheld explosives were invented during the war, and if you want to know more about the war you can search for it online.

Coming back to the game, let’s discuss the map. According to Billy Harper of Sucker Punch studios, they see the map as the biggest and most important character during the game development process. This just says that they have taken a lot of care while creating the map, as it is open world and based on real-life locations in Japan. The whole map is open world. And the map will play a crucial role in making the gameplay immersive. Moreover, SP has focused more on an exploration of the map instead of waypoints or fast travel.

About the gameplay, the game is said to be a stealth hack and slash game. Now, as we know that we will be playing as a Samurai, so making a stealth game kind of seems off the track but, from the name of the game we can also speculate that it will have the ninja vibe to it.

Focusing on the stealth approach, it also might be the Assassin’s creed type in which it’s up to us if we choose the stealth approach or go for a head-on attack. Either way from the brief gameplay we got to see in the trailer it seems pretty solid.

All we can do now is look forward towards future leaks and trailers of the game. In the meantime check out some recently release Ghost of Tsushima Concept Arts below.

concept-art-1 concept-art-2 concept-art-3