Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Might Get Reveal At PlayStation Experience 2017


It took a while for Sony to break their silence on the new IP that Sucker Punch has been working on. The last game that the Sucker Punch worked on was Infamous First Light, the standalone DLC content for Infamous: Second Son, and it was released way back in 2014. It took Sony three years to reveal to the world on the brand new IP that Sucker Punch is working on post-Infamous First Light. At Paris Games Week 2017, Sony announced Ghost of Tsushima – the exciting looking new game from the developer behind the Infamous video game franchise. What forced or made Sony keep their cards close to their chest when it came to the new game that Sucker Punch was working on?

Ghost Of Tsushima Gameplay At PlayStation Experience 2017?

PlayStation Worldwide Studios’ Michael Denny in a recent interview with GameSpot revealed the reason behind the decision and confirmed that there is a playable build of Ghost of Tsushima already available internally. Furthermore, the way Michael Denny revealed the information – it gave me a feeling that we might see an actual gameplay of Ghost of the Tsushima at the PlayStation Experience 2017.

When asked that keeping quiet for this long on what Sucker Punch is working on gave a wrong signal to fans and they took the message as if there is something wrong with the studio – “Yeah, that’s a strange one to me” Denny replied. “I think the right thing to do…and I think we’re learning and a lot of publishers are learning … there is a right time to announce games.”

He further added: “In the past, I think it’s fair to say sometimes we announced games too early, and this is such a great project for Sucker Punch. It’s a game they’ve always really wanted to make themselves. And I think it’s the right time to announce that, and they’ve been working on that game for a long time now. There is great [playable version of the game] already. So we’re just excited to let everybody know about it.”

Don’t get surprised if Ghost of Tsushima makes another appearance at PlayStation Experience 2017, WHY? Here’s the answer or 2 reasons: The fact that Sucker Punch has been working on Ghost of Tsushima for a very long time and then there is already a playable version of the game already available internal.

PlayStation Experience 2017 will return to Anaheim, California this December 9 and 10. Mark the date, it’s going to be bigger than last year’s event.

Source: GameSpot