Ghost Recon Wildlands Gets a Free Weekend


Statistically speaking Ghost Recon Wildlands is one of the more popular games to come out in 2017. The base game, while flawed, provided a unique co-op experience that my gaming friends and I have been seeking for years now. We didn’t care at all for the DLC, but there’s no questioning that we got a great return for the price we paid to play.

For those who have yet to try Ghost Recon Wildlands, you can play it for free this weekend. The offer applies PC, Xbox One and PS4, but you don’t have a lot of time. Ghost Recon Wildlands is only free to try until October 16, 2017 at 12:00 a.m. PDT. The good news, though, is that if you try it and like it, you can buy the game at a whopping 50 percent off on your platform of choice.

This free weekend is not a random selection on the part of Ubisoft. Ghost Recon Wildlands is also launching its Ghost War 4v4 team death match mode. Previously, Ghost Recon Wildlands didn’t have a PvP element but, as mentioned, has always had a superb co-op experience.

You’ll find the free download or 50 percent off purchase option for Ghost Recon Wildlands in your platform of choice’s store. PC users can snag it from either uPlay or Steam, PS4 users can grab it from the PlayStation Store, and it can be found on the Xbox One Marketplace.

You can find full details on the Ghost Recon Wildlands free weekend by visiting the official site. Unfortunately, the game released before TL;DR Games was around, so we don’t have a review to point you towards.