Niantic reveals worldwide Pokémon Go Travel event

Pokemon Go Mewtwo

Pokémon Go Travel, Niantic’s first global catch challenge, is asking players from around the world to catch three billion Pokémon in seven days to win a bunch of prizes and rewards.

The festivities will take place around the world on Pokémon Go from Nov. 20 to 26.

The premise is simple: In-game prizes and rewards will be unlocked depending on how many Pokémon are caught during the seven day period. Niantic has teased prizes such as double XP, rare Pokémon appearing over a set period of time, and more items to find for everyone around the globe.

The event is open to anyone with a smartphone and the game. Players will be looking to work together, however, regardless of team, to unlock everything available.

There’s currently no news on whether a live tracker will be available during the week, so players can see how close they are to reaching that three billion goal, as well as how prizes will be unlocked, or what they will be.

One thing is certain, however. It’s time for Pokémon Go players to get out there and try to catch ’em all.