God of War 4 Dev Cancelled PS4 IP Information, Characters And Enemies Concept Art Leaked


Back in the days, God of War developer Santa Monica has been working on an unnamed new intellectual property which was canceled after careful consideration by owner and publisher Sony. The only thing we’ve known so far it’s that the game setting was sci-fi, nothing more. Today, thanks to NerdLeaks, we finally have further details.

Guerrilla Games Canceled New IP Concept Art

Lots of interesting details, although we wouldn’t despair that much about the IP cancellation. It seems, darker setting aside, many of those have managed to stay alive in the upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 exclusive. And it’s just about to release on February 28/March 1.

Have a look at the full list of details gathered by the website:

  • It’s a futuristic game, maybe it is set in 2034;
  • It could be about worlds exploration;
  • Some character take part in a mission called “Ark Mission Genesis – A.D. 2034”;
  • Some characters’ name: August, Donovan, NightHorse;
  • There are some strange humanoid creatures (aliens?), similar to mutant fishes;
  • These creatures ride some kind of bison with unicorn;
  • There’s a group of refugees or mercenaries;
  • There are drones;
  • There is a kraken-like creature;
  • Enemies could be skeletal monsters with long arms;
  • There are creatures similar to dinosaurs;
  • You could scan new creatures for information about DNA and Origin;
  • A lot of uniforms.

cancelled-ps4-ip-concept-art-1 cancelled-ps4-ip-concept-art-2 cancelled-ps4-ip-concept-art-3 cancelled-ps4-ip-concept-art-4 cancelled-ps4-ip-concept-art-5

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