God of War 4 Might Not Have Kratos As The Main Character, Hints Insider

God of War 4

In April 2016, few God of War IV concept arts were leaked on internet hinting towards a Norse Setting for the game. E3 2016 is just a few days away and insider Shinobi602 on Neogaf has revealed that the reveal of next God of War game (God of War 4) is indeed going to take place at the event (at PlayStation Media Briefing).

God of War 4

However, Shinobi602 also raised one of the biggest question related to God of War IV: Is Kratos going to be the lead protagonist or not? On Neogaf, Shinobi wrote:

The question isn’t whether God of War will be there (it will), the question is…is Kratos the main character?

One of the leaked God of War IV concept arts shows a character very similar to Kratos in terms of physique and appearance. You can check out the concept art below, the character has a beard (full grown), red marking on the body very similar to the one we have seen on Kratos. The difference is that this character wields a single hand-axe, whereas Kratos has Blades of Chaos.

How many of you want to see Kratos as a lead protagonist in God of War IV? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.