God of War On PS4 Won’t Have Load Screens, Featuring RPG Elements And Free Camera

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God of War: Ascension Image 6

God of War E3 2016 presentation was pretty a blast, even though everyone knew almost for sure Santa Monica Studio was working on it and the game would’ve been some sort of Nordic-themed reboot for the franchise. We had a few doubts about it, like who was going to be the protagonist and narrative reasons behind the game moving to such a location.

God of War PS4 Details

Anyway, E3 came and all the doubts were cast away. We’ll control for the entire game this new version of Kratos, but we’ll also have a chance to passively control his son and follow his evolution from kid to warrior. He will have a role in puzzles, combat and exploration.

The game won’t have any loading time, as it is presented as a single, uninterrupted shot. So no load screens, again, no cinematics and fades to black neither. The static camera has been tweaked to be moved with the right analogic stick, moreover, so the player is free to chose where to look and explore.

An RPG component has been added, although we don’t have many details about it as of now, and it has been confirmed, despite the very emotional E3 show, there will still be God of War moments with bombastic and cinematic war scenes.