God of War’s latest clip shows off Kratos’s newfound parenting skills


The upcoming God of War for PlayStation 4 made an appearance during Sony’s Paris Games Week media presentation, where a new trailer made its debut today. 

Franchise antihero Kratos was shown settling into his role as a devoted father to a child who’s very much learning the tricks of the trade from his bearded dad. The wizened Spartan may care for his son like he once did his wife and daughter (who we’re still not sure if this new game will mention). 

Son Atreus is shown to be able to hold his own as well, and while he’s got dear old dad to act as his mentor and teacher, he’s still a little green. It should be interesting to see how Kratos has evolved in this upcoming soft reboot, which is said to incorporate additional elements of Norse mythology going forward. 

Kratos will no longer rely on his famous double-chained blades, and will instead be hurling a special battle axe and shield with special abilities. He’ll also use hand-to-hand combat from time to time. In addition, players will be given the ability to control Atreus as a “combat resource,” as explained by game director Cory Barlog. 

God of War is scheduled for release sometime in 2018, though the latest trailer didn’t offer any indication of a concrete date just yet. That means you’ve still got plenty of time to play through the entire series before this game if you really want to dig into Kratos’s past.