Cuphead Guide: Goopy Le Grande Boss Battle


Goopy Le Grande is Cuphead’s second boss, and he’s not exactly the easiest. Unlike The Root Pack, Goopy’s attacks in all three stages are menacing, and he’s sure to give players a rough go. This is in part because Goopy requires the player to study his attack patterns, gauge his warm-up animations, and dodge out of his way before he rains blows down on Cuphead.

Luckily, staving off Goopy is relatively straightforward. If you find yourself dying to this handsome slime, or just can’t seem to pull off the right dodges to avoid his attacks, follow our guide to Goopy below.

First Phase: Small Goopy

Cuphead’s fight against Goopy starts off simply enough. Goopy jumps forward from spot to spot, turning around when he hits a wall. Occasionally, he’ll stop jumping and lunge a punch at Cuphead, causing damage if his hit lands.

Fighting Goopy in his first stage is pretty easy. Keep firing at him and run or dodge underneath him as he jumps, making sure he doesn’t land in front of you. This assures that when Goopy stops to punch Cuphead, he won’t hit you. Alternatively, when Goopy pulls back to land a punch, you can either crouch downward close to his body or dodge to the far edge of the screen. This should give you a gap that allows you to avoid the blow and hold onto your health.

Second Phase: Big Goopy

After fighting Goopy off during the first phase, he grows gigantic in size and begins attacking Cuphead once again.

This doesn’t change too much about the fight, however. As before, run or dodge underneath Goopy when he jumps. Ideally, it’s better to dodge underneath him at this stage, as Goopy’s larger size means his body has an enormous hitbox that can damage Cuphead on contact. But players can either run far away from Goopy’s punch before it lands, or duck close to his body to avoid his punch. Either works fine.

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Not unlike the first phase, keep firing at Goopy until he faints, passing on to the afterlife for his third and final phase.

Third Phase: Tombstone Goopy

After the first two phases, Goopy Le Grande dies and turns into a tombstone. But the fight isn’t over just because he’s passed on. Instead, Goopy’s tombstone tracks Cuphead down, slamming his down onto Cuphead with his entire weight. Obviously, this can damage Cuphead when it falls on his body. So for players with low HP, Goopy’s third phase can be a quick showstopper.

Luckily, Tombstone Goopy is actually pretty easy to kill. Keep firing at his third and final form and run around the level. The tombstone will track Cuphead, following the approximate area he’s headed to. When the tombstone stops and pulls backward, quickly dodge out of its way to the nearest empty space. Once the tombstone lands, continue firing at it.

Screengrab via Boss Fight Database/YouTube [Fair Use](

Rinse and repeat, and the match will soon be over, with Goopy’s soul going over to Cuphead and Mugman’s hands.