Gran Turismo 5 Patch v1.05 hidden changes details unveiled

Couple of days back Sony released patch v1.05 for their racing game Gran Turismo 5, they also revealed each and every details about the changes that were made by the patch update to the game.

Gran Turismo 5

But to everyone surprise there are lots of hidden changes that this patch v1.05 made to the game, we have got details about these hidden changes check them out below:

  • Improved clutch for G25/27
  • “Thrustmaster”
  • Car sorting in garage will be saved
  • Restart option after finishing a race
  • Corrected taillights on the ’91 Acura NSX
  • Improved force feedback on the RedBull X2010
  • Improved loading times in the car dealership menu
  • Reduced screen tearing incidents
  • You can now export all your photos to the XMB at once
  • The rev meter in the Mazda RX-7 (FC) ’90 and the gear display in the NSX GT500 were fixed
  • Slight shadow improvements
  • Sticky bumper physics fixed
  • 16 cars on-track in Arcade Mode
  • Set-up menu now called “Settings” instead of “Tuning”
  • Smoke/spray pixelation around the cars improved
  • RE-Amemiya RX-7 sound improved
  • Laps, restrictions and other infos are now displayed in the online race browser
  • In GT Rally, there are now only two choices for map display – off or fix to track (or maybe it was fix to car). Manually changing the map scale doesn’t make any difference as it now auto-scales depending on your speed
  • In online lounge, when browsing the servers, there is a check box for recommended
  • In GT Mode > Practice, mechanical damage can now be one of the following: off, light, heavy
  • Tach from the Silvia S13 was fixed
  • You now get 5 museum cards and 5 paints for your online log-in