Gran Turismo Sport gets a free limited-time demo ahead of release


Gran Turismo Sport is coming to the PlayStation Store with a free, four-day demo to give players a lengthy test drive before purchase.

The demo will allow players to test the Sport, Campaign, and Arcade modes, which offer different and unique challenges. Sport mode, for example, asks players to put the pedal to the metal to pull their fastest lap times to qualify for a 24-car battle.

Arcade mode offers a much more free-form experience with a bigger selection of vehicles and three circuits with varying terrain to race on. You can choose your own rules here, and even race against a friend via split screen.

Finally, Campaign mode is the most varied mode, letting you move up through the ranks to unlock in-game currency, experience points, and complete missions to level up your Driver Profile and car collection.

You can also use the Livery Editor in the demo, which lets you customize your vehicle with various color options for your car, wheels, and other accessories. There are also plenty of logos to choose from to really make your car that much more unique.

PlayStation Plus members get a leg up on the competition with the ability to pre-load the demo beginning Oct. 7 at 8am PT, though the game won’t actually go live until Oct. 9 at 12am PT. The demo will be live all the way through Oct. 12 at 8am PT, which should offer plenty of time for players to get a feel for what the latest entry in the Gran Turismo series has to offer.

Gran Turismo Sport is making its full debut on PlayStation 4 on Oct. 17, so there’s still a little time left to decide whether or not its brand of racing is for you.