Gran Turismo Sport demo attracts 1 million players


The Gran Turismo Sport demo on PlayStation 4 ended up attracting over 1 million players eager to test out the new racing game. 

The demo was previously available from Oct. 9 through Oct. 12, but there was a bit of extra time added to the clock after maintenance was required to resolve server issues players were originally having. Players got a few more hours to get lost in the world of fast cars and slick tracks ahead of the full game’s release next week. 

The 1 million PlayStation 4 participant milestone was announced via Gran Turismo creator Kaz Yamauchi himself on Twitter, who was “surprised” by the amount of players “off the bat.” 

Anyone who made progress during the Gran Turismo Sport demo can keep their save file and bring over their data to the full game when it releases on Oct. 17. Players will receive any in-game credit earned during the promotion and can transfer their personalized vehicles waiting in garages as well. This is becoming a common thread with most demo periods these days, which certainly does benefit players in the long run. 

If waiting until next week for Oct. 17 to roll around seems tough when the game’s got a lot to offer, check out the 20 years of Gran Turismo promotional clip by way of Sony for a nostalgic rush.