Gran Turismo Sport Lacking Proper Single-Player Events – Report


Gran Turismo Sport could not be supporting a proper single-player campaign mode, as detailed from some slides delivered by Polyphony Digital during a recent press event. First of all, the new GT game is featuring three modes: Arcade Mode, Campaign Mode, Sports Mode.

Gran Turismo Sport

While it is pretty clear what the Arcade Mode is going to be, based on previous Gran Turismo titles that already supported it, and Sports mode will be the online multiplayer portion, it is still to be seen in detail what Campaign Mode is going to be like.

“117 Events, and the breakdown of those. I think many people assumed those events were in part going to be like the past, ‘Sunday Cup’, ‘Like The Wind’ and so on. However thanks to @fagnerpc that seems not to be the case,” GT Planet forum user Samus observed.

The Beginner’s School will allow you to get basic driving lessons such as the old driving licenses, and Circuit Experience also looks like it is featuring some kind of lesson to have the first details about how to behave in the games’ venues (and Racing Etiquette is probably something to have us used to play politely in online sessions).

Mission Challenge is seemingly what most people were expecting, short to mid-length driving challenges, some against the clock, some against AI. Anyway, it looks like these are going to be some sort of scenarios, not anything close to the events we’ve played in the previous games.

Gran Turismo Sport is releasing in November: would you still get it in case it lacks a proper single-player component? Let us know in the comments below.