Gran Turismo Sport Open Beta Content, Start And End Date Leaked


Gran Turismo Sport will launch on October 17, but just a few weeks before the launch, Sony and Polyphony Digital will release an Open Beta of Gran Turismo Sport giving players the chance to try out the final build of the game. So if you still have few doubts on whether or not to buy Gran Turismo Sport then this is your best chance get a hands-on the game and take a decision.

Gran Turismo Sport Open Beta

The date for the beta and what all content will be available for PlayStation 4 owners to try out were leaked online by Tesco. The best news is that PlayStation Plus subscription is not required to play Gran Turismo Sport beta – this means to be eligible to take part in the beta all you need is a PlayStation 4. It will start on October 9 and will end of October 12.

Here’s a list of content that will be playable in Gran Turismo Sport Beta

Mode – Arcade

  • 3 Tracks (Northern Isle, Dragon Trail, Colorado) Sport Mode
  • Daily Races Only
  • Campaign Mode
  • School – 8 Events
  • Missions – Stage 1 and 6
  • Circuit Experience – 3 Tracks
  • Race Etiquette – Not included

Unlocks – Daily Workout One vehicle unlock for every 26 miles driven per day.

  • 4 Day demo, 4 vehicles Campaign Mode
  • Missions Stage 1 completion – Group 4 vehicle
  • Missions Stage 6 completion – Group 6 vehicle

This is not all, some of the elements that you unlock in the Gran Turismo Sport beta will carry forward to the full game (just in case you decide to buy the full game after trying out the beta). Here’s a list of thing that will transfer to the full game from beta – Cars, Currency + Experience Points, Driver Profile including Sportsmanship and Driver Rating.

Please Note: As these details appeared on the Tesco it would be better to take it with a grain of salt and consider it as a rumor till official announcement comes from Sony or Polyphony Digital.

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