Gran Turismo Sport On PS4 Pro Has Two Graphical Modes – Dynamic 4K/60FPS And 1080p/60FPS


Gran Turismo Sport is scheduled to launch worldwide on October 17, but if you are among one of those select few PlayStation players who still haven’t made up their minds on whether to purchase the game or not, you can try out the Gran Turismo Sport demo that is currently playable (hurry up as it won’t be available after October 12). The demo was released worldwide on October 9, and our friend at VGTech did a tech analysis to determine at what resolution and FPS the game is going to run on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Gran Turismo Sport PS4 Pro Playable Mode

Back in May 2016, Sony and Polyphony Digital stated that the development team behind Gran Turismo Sport is targeting 1080p/60FPS for PlayStation 4, and according to the report from VGTech – they manage to achieve this figure easily. Gran Turismo Sport runs at native 1080p and at a stable 60FPS (there were few minor dips in FPS which we can neglect considering the fact that the test was done on the demo build, there is room for few more performance improvements).

Coming to the PlayStation 4 Pro version of Gran Turismo Sport? It seems like the game offers two playable modes for players – for those who want quality can go for a Quality mode which will run the game in Dynamic 4K resolution/60FPS (using checkerboard technique 1800p resolution is upscaled to 4K resolution), and if you prefer performance over quality then you can go for a 1080p/60FPS mode.

For those who are asking for differences between these two playable modes on PlayStation 4 Pro – in Dynamic 4K/60FPS mode, the replays will run at 30FPS, and there will be motion blur, whereas in the 1080p/60FPS mode there will be no motion blurs and replays will play at 60FPS.

You guys can watch the Tech Analysis video from VGTech below.