Gran Turismo Sport Has No Microtransactions, 85% Content Is SinglePlayer Focused: Dev


One of the major concerns of Gran Turismo series fans is that the upcoming installment Gran Turismo Sport has been advertised as a multiplayer focus racing game, and they have openly shared this feedback with the development team at Polyphony Digital time and again, but didn’t heard back from them. It seems like Polyphony Digital was looking for a big stage to issue a clarification so that it gets noticed by everyone. At PlayStation Experience South East Asia 2017 (it took place recently in Malaysia), Polyphony Digital revealed that the online portion of Gran Turismo Sport is just about 15% only, rest 85% content is single-player.

Gran Turismo Sport Singleplayer Mode Info

“It might look focused on online at first glance, but in actuality, the online portion of the game is probably about 15 percent.” Kazunori Yamauchi clarifies with the help of a translator. In addition to this, Kazunori confirmed that Gran Turismo Sport will not feature any micro transactions, new cars and tracks will be added via online updates. Watch the full interview below.

This is great news for PlayStation fans who are looking forward to playing Gran Turismo Sport on October 17. The game features a core offline single-player mode called Campaign. It offers players access to over 150 racing drills. Other offline content confirmed so far includes Livery Editor, Scapes (Photo Mode), Arcade mode.

Check out few Gran Turismo Sport Gifs showing how impressive the graphics and visuals looks in-game, almost photo-realistic. Pre-order Limited And Digital Deluxe Edition of Gran Turismo Sport now at Amazon.