Grand Theft Auto V: 35 Incredible And Not Yet Known Details

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Rockstar’s best selling game of all time, Grand Theft Auto V is massive in size, details and design, and so missing out some of the key and important features/details is bound to happen.

GTA VHere are 35 incredible and not yet know details discovered in Grand Theft Auto V.

  • NPCs will flip you the bird when you tailgate them or cut them off in traffic.
  • You sweat after running.
  • Cars have extremely detailed real-life features, including the clinking noise of cool downs and interior dome lights that blink on when the door is opened.
  • Every police officer is wearing a realistic uniform right down to their mics, weapons and duty belts. The inside of their cars also have accurate technology for 2013.
  • You can run over Michael’s wife. If you do, she’ll get angry and send you a hospital bill later in the game.
  • Driving into a tunnel will make you lose your GPS signal.
  • Mission perimeters will vary depending on your previous actions in the game. So will dialogue from other characters. For example, if you don’t go to the barbershop like Lamar suggests, he’ll ask why you didn’t get that haircut the next time he sees you.
  • If you listen closely to the sounds of the city, you can hear fights, parties and gunfire in the distance that have nothing to do with you.
  • You can play with your convertible top to your heart’s content.
  • If you stay in one place long enough, coyotes might wander around your car, just like do in real southern California.
  • Your phone is completely useable. Slip it out of your pocket at any time to read texts, send emails, make calls, et cetera. You can also switch its settings to vibrate.
  • Random people on the street will compliment your car if you upgrade it enough.
  • Turn on the radio and you might hear a news story about one of your illegal activities.
  • If you try to sneak pictures of a topless girl at a party, she’ll get offended and her boyfriend will appear to kick your a**. Likewise, if you take pictures of a street prostitute, she’ll demand a tip.
  • Prostitutes have also been known to break dialogue with you in order to answer personal calls about their student loans.
  • Wading in water actually wet your clothes, and they’ll stay wet until you leave the scene.
  • It’s possible to rob a convenient store for some quick cash, but fair warning, you might walk in and see an NPC already doing it. They also rob banks, liquor stores and hair salons.
  • When you’re hunting the O’Neal brothers in the woods with your sniper rifle, you’ll see a small dot of thermal heat on the bottom right of the screen. Zoom in and you’ll realize it’s Bigfoot.
  • Jump into a wall and you can watch yourself writhe in pain.
  • Shooting a window won’t completely destroy it. There will still be glass fragments like behind, just like if you’d really broken it.
  • Flip flops actually flop. You can see the movement when you look down.
  • NPCs grow very angry if you slide into a taxi they’ve already hailed. Some will even try to pick a fight.
  • There’s an in-game Facebook with real status updates related to your progress.
  • Trevor has very specific tastes in music, and he’ll change the radio station if you don’t accommodate him.
  • If you to the therapist as Michael, he’ll confess to both your in-game actions and previous things he did without you, like robbing liquor stores and sleeping with prostitutes.
  • Yellow lights make pedestrians cross the street faster.
  • Stay idle long enough and your character will get bored and start checking out girls.
  • You can’t pick up a hooker when a cop is nearby. She’ll ignore you and try not to draw attention to herself.
  • You also can’t rob the same store repeatedly, because the clerk will learn to recognize you and call the police on sight.
  • When you switch characters at random you’ll find them in the middle of interactions with others, like Trevor flirting with the ladies, Michael getting told off for cigarette smoking by a lifeguard, et cetera.
  • Character faces twitch while sleeping.
  • Older model cars are more difficult to drive, with squeaky brakes and a bad ignition.
  • Hair grows over the course of the game. Shave your face and you’ll get stubble before a beard; shave your head and it will first come back as fuzz.
  • During a police shootout, if you leave an office alive by shooting him in a non-fatal place, another officer will come out and drag him to safety.
  • You can literally punch someone’s glasses right off their face.

Source: GTA5TV