Grand Theft Auto V: Xbox 360 vs PS3 Direct Screens Comparison, Both Versions Look Identical

Mario in GTA V

For gamers who own both PS3 and Xbox 360, which version of GTA V to buy?, is a million dollar question. Reddit user varietygamer has an answer. He has just released some direct screen comparison between GTA V PS3 vs Xbox 360.

GTA VNow you all might be asking which version looks better. Here are the observation of Reddit user “varietygamer”.

  • Xbox 360 has slightly better vegetation details and smoother/more detailed shadows.
  • PS3 has slightly better distance texture lod.
  • Everything else looks identical. From gameplay impressions both games feature samey framerates in same areas.

You can check out all the comparison screen HERE.

GTA V is now just few hours aways from its official release.