Groudon is now live on Pokémon Go


The first generation three Pokémon to be added to Pokémon Go, Groudon, is now available.

Groudon’s arrival in Pokémon Go has been a long time coming. He was first teased in the initial trailer for the third generation Pokémon a few days ago. When the third generation went live, he was nowhere to be seen, and fans hoped they would be able to catch him as soon as possible.

Don’t delay, however, as Groudon will only be available at raids until Jan. 15, 2018.

In order to catch Groudon, players will need to stock up on strong water-type Pokémon, such as Vaporeon. Don’t go against it alone, either. Niantic advises at least a group of 15 players to take on these super powerful Pokémon during a raid.

Once a team beats a legendary Pokémon in a raid, players will be given a small amount of Pokéballs to try to catch it. If you fail, you will need to try to find another legendary raid to challenge Groudon again—and try all over again.

The legendary Pokémon first appeared in Pokémon Ruby as one of two flagship box Pokémon for the game. He has since become one of the most beloved Pokémon in the world, so trainers of all ages will be looking high and low for a nearby raid in order to add him to their Pokédexs.