GTA 5 Players fuming On Take-Two’s Choice To Shut Down OpenIV Mod Tool, 58000 Signed Petition On

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Take-Two recent dropped a Cease-and-Desist letter to makers of OpenVI Mod Tool for shutting down the most popular GTA 5 Mod Tool. This led to a rage among many GTA 5 players who are expressing their anger on Steam Reviews. The tool was used by various gamers to create custom stuff in the game along with creating in-game videos.

GTA 5 Take Two

Take-Two declared the tool illegal which forced the developers of modding tool to officially take it down. Soon after that in past one month there is more than 40000 reviews on Steam against this decision which has also affected the games overall rating. There is a petition created on signed by more than 58000 supporters against Take-Two’s decision.

Take-Two has blocked the tool on grounds of security reasons, which is causing issues with GTA Online players. Yet there is no statement from the parent company how they will tackle the situations, it looks Rockstar is not much affected.