GTA Episodes from Liberty City PS3 Official Social Club Multiplayer Event

Are you one of those who has miss the Multiplayer weekend events because in the hay wire of the release of Grand Theft Auto: Episode form Liberty City for Playstation 3 and PC, don’t worry because Rockstar is going to continue with some of the multiplayer session of Grand Theft and Red Dead Redemption.

Starting from 27th April there will be online multiplayer mode gameplay of The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned on Playstation Network and for those who can’t get their chance of play online their will be live streaming and Live chat at Social Club Multiplayer Event.

  • The event will start with a game of Team Deatchmatch, For finding the member of Rockstar you first need to get yourself into party of two, once done with this you have to make use of in-ame cellphone for selecting Game->Team Deathmatch.
  • You can’t directly get yourself into the gameplay, you are require to follow each and every action happening at Social Club Multiplayer Events Page, there will be a Live streaming of the gameplay along with a chat box which can be use by you to have an discussion with the other gamers.
  • Finding Rockstar team is easy, as you get into Team Deathmatch you will get yourself automatically in to special lobby where Rockstar team and other gamers will be present.
  • As event progress there will be more multiplayer play and also a shifting to The Ballad of Gay Tony almost around half point. So be update on the chat box.
  • If you require a partner you just need to play your PlayStation NEtwork ID in a comment section.
  • Given Below are the Rockstar Playstation Network ID
  1. PlayRockstar1
  2. PlayRockstar2
  3. PlayRockstar3
  4. PlayRockstar4
  • Getting to party mode is as easy as its sound folow the step:

Save ongonig game, go to in-game mobil and press Up form keyboard. Then choose Multiplayer->Party mode->Yes.

Now invite one player atleast to get your team ready by gonig to phone again and using Friend option. Done with above step, just go to in-game phone and select game->Team Deatmatch.