GTA IV Percentage Boost On Amazon Is Position Change, Not Actual Sales


A few hours ago, Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City expansion pack were made backward compatible with Xbox One. So, if you own or are willing to buy the game and its amazing expansions, you can now do it on your Xbox 360/via the Xbox Games Store and play them on the current gen Microsoft platform. Which is great.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Anyway, we’ve been reading numbers that don’t necessarily reflect reality upon BC support release. Someone said there’s been a 7,696% increase in sales on Amazon, similarly to what happened with Red Dead Redemption last year, which isn’t true. It’s a pretty tough task to explain what’s happening here, so we’re borrowing words from analyst Daniel Ahmad:

“The percentage is NOT sales increase,” he said on Twitter when all that stuff happened with Red Dead Redemption going BC last year. “The % refers to rank increase. So if it was 200th best seller and jumps to 20th best seller in the ranking it = 1000% increase”.

So, ok, there’s been an important increase in GTA IV sales, but ultimately not the numbers you’ve been reading around today. Congrats on Rockstar Games for being able to provide us with a working GTA IV version on Xbox One, and luckily enough they get an even bigger boost in sales in the next few hours.