GTA Online: All Bulldozer Locations Revealed

GTA V Pic 3

Want to have a Bulldozer in Grand Theft Auto Online but don’t know the exact location of it?, don’t worry we got you cover on this. Here is the map location on where you can find a Bulldozer in GTA Online.

GTA OnlineAfter checking out the location some of you might ask, its an airport location so how can you drive the Bulldozer out?, its pretty simple the other entrance has destructible gates and also you can go around the right side, there are no gates, and you can knock down the fences. to get access to airfield.

GTA Online Bulldozer Location

In addition to this location, player can also have access to a Bulldozer in construction site across the street from the clucking bell HQ.

Furthermore, there’s about 8 Bulldozer in the construction site opposite the desert Pay n Spray.