Scare up more goodies with GTA Online’s extended Halloween event


Need one last Halloween hurrah? Hop on GTA Online to check out the game’s Halloween event, which features some spooky deals, a new game mode, double GTA$, and more until Nov. 6. 

All the previous content available from the last round of Halloween events will be back in rotation, so if you slept on the goodies that were around before, you have another chance at buying special items and trying new game modes.

The new Adversary mode known as Condemned is a horror movie-esque way to play that assigns a sole player to be the target of the rest of the group’s constant assault. You have to survive long enough to “pass” your affliction onto someone else, which means you need to kill them. The last man standing wins the match. You’ll earn double GTA$ and RP for every match you play in the special Halloween playlist, which includes several other horror-themed game modes, like Slasher. 

If you feel the need for speed when it comes to Halloween-themed vehicles like the Fränken Stange, Lurcher, or the LCC Sanctus, you can purchase them at a discounted rate of 25 percent this week. If you need to break the bank to make those big purchases, you’ll quickly be reimbursed, since logging in at any time from now through Nov. 6 will net you a cool $400,000 of GTA$. You’ll receive your cash by Nov. 13. If you’re not into Halloween stuff, you can get 25 percent off other melee weapons in the game instead. 

There’s also a Premium Race this week that’s available through Nov. 6, so make sure you get that in if you’re not yet ready to take off those Halloween costumes you worked so hard on. There’s a fairly large bounty out there waiting for you.