GTA Online Has Generated “At Least” $500,000,000 In Revenue, Big Reason For No GTA V Singleplayer DLC?

It seems like we won’t have single-player additional content for Grand Theft Auto V soon, and this is why. According to court documents in the dispute between Leslie Benzies, former Rockstar Games president, and Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive, some interesting stats about GTA Online have been detailed for the first time.

GTA Online Revenue

Since launch, GTA Online “has generated at least $500.000.000 in revenue, based in part on a significant cash-generating tool contained in the game”.

Considering how much success the online Grand Theft Auto offer has had so far, it seems clear why Rockstar Games has said there won’t be a focus on single-player story content anytime soon, at least not before they’re getting the maximum out of GTA Online.

Not a great news for the story mode lovers out there but, at least, we’re happy for Rockstar Games: more money for them means more and better games coming to the market sooner or later.