GTA Online: How To Enter Fort Zancudo Without Wanted Level

GTA Online

Here’s a method for getting into the Fort Zancudo military base without getting a Wanted level, allowing you to easily take the vehicles located there.

GTA OnlineThis trick is particularly useful for obtaining some of the slower vehicles there (Titan, Cargobob, even a tank if you use a Cargobob to lift it out).


  • The fastest setup for this trick is to bring two Helicopters before starting the deathmatch, but you can simply ramp over the fence with a vehicle as well.
  • This trick is best used for stealing Tanks, Cargobobs, and Titans, as they are the slowest vehicles to get out of the base, and harder to acquire normally. The extended time via 1v1 Deathmatch should give you plenty of time to escape the area with these vehicles.
  • You can steal a Tank using this method if you are able to spawn a Cargobob inside the base. Simply take the Cargobob, and hook the Tank, then fly it over the fence.
  • Two players are required to do this trick.
  • Setting up the One on One Deathmatch in the marsh area near the base is the best location, as it has many close-by respawn points.
  • You will have 5 Minutes from the time you start the Deathmatch.
  • If you are still in the base when the Deathmatch ends, you will automatically get 4 Stars, like normal.

Text Tutorial: Two Players Required for this trick

Step 1

  • Take a friend and go to near Fort Zancudo (the best place to do this is the marsh area outside of the perimeter, as it has close respawn points).

Step 2

  • Have your friend kill you, then while dead, start a One on One Deathmatch.

Step 3

  • As soon as the other player accepts, the Deathmatch will begin.

Step 4

  • You will now have 5 minutes where you will NOT receive a Wanted Level.

Step 5

  • You can now enter the base via whatever method you prefer, and roam around or steal vehicles uninterrupted.

Once you are done in the base, you can end the Deathmatch early by moving away from the other player. Once the players are far enough apart, the Deathmatch will automatically end, and you will go back into the session as normal.