GTA Online: How to Get A Military Jet And Helicopter

GTA Online Card 36

GTA V Screenshot 4

Military and Jumbo Jet was available for in Grand Theft Auto V campaign mode, but what about GTA Online, is these things are available in GTA V online multiplayer portion as well?, YES.


Check out the video guide below showcasing how to get a military jet in Grand Theft Auto Online. The user who posted this footage says “So this was Operation Chicken Tenders on my live stream. Thanks to the viewers they showed me how to get into the Military Base and cop a military jet.”

For gamers who want to have a helicopter in Grand Theft Auto Online, just go to the place where you can buy the helipad and marina slip, there are helicopters available as well.

Hope the above video guide help you get a military jet in GTA Online. If you need any help do let us know in the comment section below.

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