GTA Online: Max Your Driving Skill To 100/100 Level in just 20 Minutes

Grand Theft Auto Online

Want to know a simple step by step guide on how to improve your driving skill in GTA Online in just 20 minutes time?. Here is the best and the easiest guide for getting GTA Online Driving Skill to 100/100 level that too in just 20 minutes time period.

GTA OnlineJust follow the below steps given by Reddit user dickwad69:

Step 1:

  • Host job

Step 2:

  • Pick race, Rockstar created

Step 3:

  • Criminal Records, 50 laps, standard race

Step 4:

  • Pick a fast vehicle, complete laps until you get a notification saying “Driving skill 100/100”.

This should take 10-30 minutes, depending on player’s current driving skill. Try it out now.