GTA Online Mega Guide: Money Glitch, Activate Slow-Mo Feature and More


So enjoying your time in Grand Theft Auto Online, the online multiplayer portion of GTA V. Here is one of the easiest and quickest way to make money with the help of a glitch in GTA Online.

GTA OnlineThis glitch will help you get $2500 every few seconds. This seems a bit useless once you can do jobs, but in my opinion it’s a nice boost to start your character off with to buy some decent clothes and mods

GTA Online Money Glitch

All you need to do is “Go Through The First Race, Create And Delete Characters”. Everytime player do this, $2500 is deposited in the bank every few seconds.

How to Activate Slow-Motion Feature At Any Time With Any Character:

When in a car, if you tap the O button instead of holding it the camera toggles to cinematic view. You can then use the right stick to cycle through the camera views available.

Even cooler is if you press R3 while in cinema mode, it switches to Slo-Mo which you can speed up and slow down just like unique stunt jumps. It’s definitely made long drives and police chases a lot more entertaining.

This also works with chase missions so you can toggle the cinema view to chase cam and it automatically unlocks when you fire a gun or hit the target!