GTA Online Patch 1.02 Live Now on Xbox 360, Size Around 50MB (WARNING)

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The wait is finally over for GTA V Xbox 360 players as Rockstar Games has just released Grand Theft Auto Online patch 1.02 for them. As per the details we have received from few of our readers, the update weighs some 50 MB in size.

GTA OnlineOfficial Changelog of this is still updated, but it is expected to be the same as that of PS3. So take a look at GTA Online Patch 1.02 changelog for PS3 HERE.


Xbox 360 players BEWARE, after installing GTA Online Patch 1.02 on your console your multiplayer character will be DELETED.

Wait for further details. Here is the experience of Reddit user “blacklambgreyfalcon”

“I just got finished playing 4+ hours of missions earning $300,000+ and gaining 10 levels with my friends. I bought an apartment and then tried to join my friend’s game to show him. It say “Rockstar servers unavailable” and sent me to single player. I restart my xbox, reconnect and BAM! Everything’s gone.

What the fuck do I do… and what kind of a game is this? How could it possibly unleash such unspeakable cruelty upon its players?”


As per the update from Rockstar Games on their official support page, they are aware of character lost issue, money glitch and other issue after installing patch 1.02. The development team is already working on fix, READ Rockstar Games Message HERE.


It seems like not everyone is affected with this character and progress lost issue. Few gamers installed patch 1.02 on Xbox 360 and retain everything they had character progress.

Here is the experience of Reddit user 5kywolf:

“Rank 23, 400k apartment, 2 custom cars, about 2k cash. Updated and kept everything. Even had 400k in my bank.”