GTA Online Patch 1.03 Available Now for PS3, Around 30 MB in size: UPDATE

Image via Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has just released new patch 1.03 for Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer portion of GTA V. The update is available for download on PS3, ant it weighs around 30MB in size.

GTA VRockstar Games has not yet provided any official changelog for this latest update, but it is expected to arrived in few minutes time of official Rockstar Games support page.

Have you downloaded GTA Online patch 1.03?, let us know in the comment section below the changes you observe after installing it.


As per the details we received from our reader Mukesh: GTA Online patch 1.03 disables R2 Mission Restarting


Rockstar Games has finally commented on GTA Online patch 1.03 that went
live just few hours ago on PSN. The developer via Newswire comment
section stated that GTA Online patch 1.03 addresses character deletion
and other progress loss issue.

Read HERE, what exactly Rockstar Game said.