GTA Online: Rockstar will be “Adding Jobs From Contacts to Voting Screen”

Rockstar Games has just announced via their official support page that they will be adding jobs from contacts to the voting screen. However no details was reveal related to an exact ETA.

GTA OnlineRead below what the official message from Rockstar Games reads:

“This is an official Rockstar announcement concerning a change to the next job vote screen. Due to high demand from the community, we are adding jobs from contacts to the voting screen. This change will be coming soon, but there is not an exact ETA at this time.”

“Essentially, this means that jobs from Gerald, Simeon, etc will all be available on the voting screen along with races, parachute jumps, and other missions. This feature is being added directly based on feedback from you, our community, so please keep posting your ideas and thoughts on the game. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.”