A new GTA Online heist is launching next week


GTA Online is welcoming a meaty new expansion in the form of The Doomsday Heist, which is coming to the game next week on Dec. 12. 

Bringing together four vastly different personalities in the form of a “billionaire tech mogul,” “socially awkward conspiracy theorist” and a “neurotic supercomputer,” The Doomsday Heist finds everyone working together to keep San Andreas from being destroyed. It’s up to you to take your crew everywhere from Los Santos to the bottom of the ocean to keep the people, your GTA Online constituents, safe from harm. 

This is the first Heist mission that GTA Online will have seen in three years. It’s especially surprising, given the fact that Rockstar previously hinted in 2015 that new Heists weren’t exactly rolling out any time in the near future. It’s great news for anyone who may have chilled out on GTA Online, and a very welcome addition to the wide breadth of content that’s filled out the multiplayer mode over the past few years.

Grand Theft Auto V’s online options are wildly popular with fans, and while many choose to play solo sessions with PvE, Heists are an important part of the package, with four-player co-op experiences that feel much more like a cohesive part of the game. The previous Heists were organized by Lester Crest, Ron Jakowski, and Agent 14. 

The expansion will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.