You can now purchase GTA Online’s Batman-like Vigilante vehicle


GTA Online’s very cool-looking Vigilante car, which was originally introduced a few months ago, is finally up for fans to purchase. 

The car costs a whopping $3.75 million, but if you’ve got the cash to spend and want to cruise around in a gorgeous automobile, it’s worth picking up, if not for its aesthetic appeal than for it armaments. It comes packing machine guns that you can beef up with rockets for extra firepower, meaning it’s as useful as it is expensive, but if you’ve got the funds available, you might as well go ahead and snap it up. 

There’s a host of other Halloween-themed items coming to purchase as well, such as the Lurcher hearse or the Franken Strange hotrod. With only a few days left until Halloween, you should pick up the vehicle that speaks to you most if you’re interested quickly. 

Rockstar has sweetened the deal with the introduction of the Vigilante as well, offering $400,000 in-game cash as a gift for anyone who logs in between now and Nov. 6. It’s a small token of appreciation for players supporting GTA Online, which has now been operational for four years. 

If you hop online today, you can also grab some Halloween goodies and discounts as well. If you can’t buy the Vigilante, you can at least get into the Halloween spirit with all that fun stuff, like T-shirts and more.