GTA Online: Working Fix For “First Mission” Issue on PS3

Grand Theft Auto Online wasn’t a smooth ride as gamers across the globe faced (and are still facing) numerous issues such as freeze, server not available, and the most nasty one, “struck at first mission”.

GTA OnlineBut now it seems like Reddit user Jmpherso has discovered a sure and work around for First Mission issues. Here is what Jmpherso discovered. Report from other reddit users are positive, and this fix has worked for many of them.

“If you’re at a “loading” screen prior to/during the first mission and it bugs out/kicks you/you quit, that character becomes bugged.

You might start noticing stuff, like : You’ll see repeats of your character getting into the first race car. You’ll get a bugged instance, and not be able to see the marker, etc.

Once a character is bugged, it cannot be fixed. Waiting will never fix it.

You need to delete the character, make a new one, and in that same instance of creating the character, wait it out.

If you get to a screen with people standing around prior to the race, do not quit. Wait up to ~20 minutes if you have to. You’ll get into the race eventually.

Basically, if you’re screwed up, delete the character and start over, and do not quit any loading screens.

If that character gets an error during loading/first mission and gets kicked, DELETE HIM AND START OVER. Don’t waste time trying, the character could be bugged.

Confirmed numerous times on Rockstar forums. Also, me and a friend spent ~6.5 hours trying to get him through, then used this method and were in in 20 minutes.”

If you need any help, do let us know in the comment section below.