GTA V: Freeze and Crash Issue Might Also Be Due to “Bad Disc or Failing X360/PS3 Console” says Rockstar

Image via Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games via their official support page has just revelaed the list of reason why your copy of GTA V or your console (PS3 or Xbox 360) might be the actual reason behind all the crashes, freezes, and crazy glitches that you experiencing while playing GTA V.

GTA VHere is the recent Q&A updated by Rockstar Games at their website:

Question: I am suddenly experiencing random and intermittent crashes, freezes, and crazy glitches all over the place. I have cleared my cache, deleted game data, re-downloaded the title update, tried to play without my save files, and nothing works. None of my friends’ games have these problems, so it can’t be game itself. How do I know if the problem is my disc or my console?

Answer: Rockstar games frequently read data off the disc, and the following behaviors suggest that the game cannot read the disc and there may be a problem with either the disc or the console.

Grand Theft Auto V

  • No audio
  • Cut-scenes stuttering or freezing in random locations, but only on that disc or console
  • Sound effects playing, but no dialogue audio or dialogue cutting in and out
  • Random, non-reproducible crashes and freezes that only happen when using a particular disc or console
  • Falling through the floor randomly, plummeting down underground into emptiness and then dying
  • Getting to a spot where you know there should be a cutscene, but no cutscene plays and all you can do is walk around the area
  • Generic text showing up in Xbox dashboard or PS3 XMB when viewing game icon
  • Popping in of objects in high level-of-detail environment or textures, objects being unusually slow to load in
  • PS3 beeping and turning itself off
  • Being kicked back to the PS3 XMB or Xbox 360 dashboard without warning
  • Being unable to install the game to the hard drive on 360 (stalling at the same % each time), or freezing during game data installation on the PS3.