GTA V: Gate Launch Glitch Discovered, “Launch Cars Insanely Far Distances”

Grand Theft Auto V GameInformer Screen 4

There’s a new glitch for GTA V that allows you to launch cars insanely far distances in the same fashion of the Swingset Launch from GTA IV. The method for this trick is a bit inconsistent, but the resulting launches are awesome and worth the effort.


The first video shows where and how to do the launches. Watch it below:

If you want a good example that shows what this launch can do, watch below footage (note: this launch is on the other videos as well, we’re including it as a single example of a common “good” launch):

We’ve also included a video that is a compilation of some launches you can get from this trick. Watch Example Footage below:

All Credit of this article goes to our reader “MelKorTheGreat”.