GTA V Is Getting A New Heist On December 12

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GTA Online, the epic money spinner for Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive, has managed to keep players engaged for longer than anyone would have predicted. A large part of this has been a constant, and regular, flow of updates to the game. This has given players new races, activities and moments to enjoy with friends. What the game hasn’t had in close to three years is a new Heist.

That is changing on December 12, as Rockstar today announced The Doomsday Heist is coming to the game.

The trailer doesn’t tell us much about the specifics of the Heist, mainly because detailed spoilers would ruin the fun. We do know it seems to be filled with all the action and humor that people have come to expect from GTA V. Heists are undoubtedly one of the standout parts of the game, sprawling multi-part mission for up to four players, they are intensely fun to take part in. Rockstar have given us a little hint of what we can expect with the below description.

A billionaire tech mogul, an idealistic intelligence agent, a socially awkward conspiracy theorist and a neurotic supercomputer have been forced into an unlikely alliance to save San Andreas from total annihilation. As apocalyptic threats mount from enemies unknown, you and your criminal crew are enlisted to un-tangle mysteries and eradicate threats spanning from the bustling streets of downtown Los Santos to the ocean floor and all the way to the inner depths of Mount Chiliad in an epic new online adventure.

I’m sure this news will see many groups of people that have moved on to other games logging back in to GTA V to take on this newest challenge and try their hand at the Doomsday Heist. I’ll be bothering some friends to take part in it with me, I can tell you!