GTA V Glitch: How To Drive An Invisible Car

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A glitch has been found that allows you to drive an invisible car in GTA V. This tutorial shows you the method for performing this trick.


Few Important Points to Note for GTA V: Invisible Car Glitch

  • You have to choose the “Skip” option when taking the Taxi to Jimmy’s location.
  • I suggest making a Quick Save after completing “Meltdown”, o that you can repeat the trick whenever you’d like. (You will NOT be able to make a save during the mission).
  • While driving the Invisible Car, you will have a limited area you can use. Driving beyond this area will cause you to Fail the Mission (due to abandoning Jimmy)

GTA V Invisible Car Glitch Text Tutorial:

Step 1

  • Play through the story missions until completing “Meltdown”.

Step 2

  • Once Meltdown is complete, switch to Michael and idle/mess around for a while.

Step 3

  • After some amount of time, Jimmy will call you about being Kidnapped for “trolling” people online.

Step 4

  • Accept this mission, then call a Taxi.

Step 5

  • Take the Taxi to Jimmy’s location (“Friend” destination), and “Skip” too fast travel to the destination.
  • (note: you must choose to “skip” at this point)

Step 6

  • When you arrive, Jimmy should start talking to you (his dialogue will be as if you completed the mission already).

Step 7

  • Walk onto the road, and you should run into the Invisible Car.

(When you enter the vehicle, you will take Jimmy out of it (he will also be invisible). Due to this, if you drive too far away from Jimmy, you will Fail the mission (due to “abandoning” him)).

GTA V: Invisible Car Glitch Video Tutorial: