GTA V: GTA Online Gameplay Tips, Tricks And Easy Money Guide

GTA Online Weekly Update: September 12-18

Grand Theft Auto V online multiplayer portion, GTA Online is out, and fans are enjoying their time with it. Here is the best Grand Theft Auto Online tips and tricks and also a full guide detailing numerous way on how to make easy money.

GTA OnlineGTA Online Tips and Tricks

  • GTA 5 Cheats don’t work in GTA Online!
  • Your Character name does not appear in the game
  • Don’t spend your money on cloths, save it for better weapons available when you rank up
  • The first car you steal in GTA 5 Online world should be the best one you can find, or you’ll have to drive your “junk car” until you get enough money to buy a better one
  • Deposit all your cash because you can be robbed by other players. Find the nearest ATM machines via the in-game GPS, or use your in-game phone, pull up the web browser on your phone and select the Maze bank link to withdraw and deposit your money from anywhere
  • Rank up your Reputation by completing all available jobs or grouping up with other players
  • Your rank is shown at the top of the screen
  • Once you obtain a better weapon, save money and buy a garage
  • If your insured car blows up, call the insurance company at the bottom of your phone book (take your car to LS customs and pay for insurance, one of the first missions lets you do it for free but otherwise it costs ~ $1000)
  • Pressing the down button on gamepad, when your character is in a garage, will give you statistics of stored cars, as well as information whether the car is insured or not (thanks TOCrisis)
  • If you go to the realtor’s website on your phone it will list the cost of every property in the game
  • You can bet on players to earn some cash, you can also bet on yourself
  • Scroll through the Dynasty website, one of the garages is listed for free (but you have to reach rank 5 to unlock the property)
  • Play in passive mode (pause then go to online>options>passive) if you don’t want to get killed when you’re just sitting around (but players with a car can ran you over even if you are in the passive mode)
  • If you get a free garage, and have upgraded a vehicle set as yours, do not try to replace it in the garage, or you will lost all upgrades.

How to earn money in GTA Online

  • For a quick cash, rob a store. Wear a mask and you’ll not be recognized. The best way is to steal a helicopter, and then use it during the robbery for a safe escape. After a few shop robberies the caps will also come with a helicopter
  • Steal cars, that aren’t premium, then sell them to Los Santos Customs if they are not damaged. After your first time in the customs shop you’ll get the option to sell non premium cars. Los Santos Customs will not take sports cars or high end bikes. Bring them an SUV or a good muscle car like a Gauntlet. You can sell a car every 50 minutes (real time) and earn approximately from $6000 to $10000.
  • Find and deliver cars for Simeon (information can be found in phone’s text messages)
  • Repeat Meth’d Up mission with 4 people. It’s an easy 5k and you get decent RP. Later on look for a mission called Violent something (I forget, but it starts with Violent.) It pays 9k and you can get around 1300RP on average if you play on hard.

Thanks to Reddit user “MMORPGLife“. We advice readers to read the source article as there are more tips in the comment section