GTA V: Guide on How to Get Maximum Possible Share For Each Heist

 GTA V: Guide on How to Get Maximum Possible Share For Each Heist

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In Grand Theft Auto V, Heists are story missions. There are six missions, each requiring careful preparation and execution. If you successfully complete these jobs, you can earn millions of dollars. The ability to replay these missions also exists.


As mention above millions of dollars are on the line, so here is a step by step guide (Reddit user flowers4charlie) on how to get a highest possible share of money from each heist in GTA V. BEWARE guys possible spoilers ahead, read at you own RISK.

This is what Reddit user flowers4charlie has to say about his guide: I did some testing via mission replays to see how much money I could get for each individual heist and decided to make a guide for it. I’ve marked the description of each heist with spoiler tags, so people who haven’t completed those heists, or don’t want to know what they are until they are able to do them won’t have them spoiled. I’ve also included an imgur link to an awesome low-quality picture of each ‘heist passed’ screen. If you have any corrections for me or catch anything I missed, please let me know! Now, on to the heists:

Heist #1: The Jewel Store Job

Approach: Option B (Smart)

Crew: Hacker – Rickie Lukens, Gunman – Packie Mcreary, Driver – Karim Denz

Summary: Using Rickie Lukens gives you enough time to grab all the jewelry in the store. Having a better hacker just gives you more time that you don’t need. Packie is a better choice than Gustavo Mota for your gunman, as he performs the same but costs 2% less. To unlock Packie as a heist crew member, you must complete his random event where he is robbing a store near Franklin’s house and needs a getaway driver. If Norm Richards is used as a gunman, he’ll crash during the getaway, causing you to lose his portion of the take. If you pick up his bag by driving over it after he’s crashed, you’ll get more money in the end (thanks to /u/Lasers32 for confirming this). (Edit: You’ll probably want to keep Norm around for the last heist where he’ll save you a lot of money). Using Karim as the driver makes the chase sequence a little bit harder because you have to ride street bikes through dirt rather than dirt bikes. This doesn’t affect your take, so he’s a better option that Eddie Toh who takes 6% more. But if you choose to do option A of this heist, bring along Eddie Toh as your driver. With Karim, the most money you can get from the jewelry store with option A is $4,642,813, leaving Michael with $1,071,404 and Franklin with $257,138. With Eddie however, you can get the full $4,946,153 which leaves Michael with $1,076,304 and Franklin with $293,539 – A $4,900 increase for Michael and a $36,401 increase for Franklin.

Heist #1 Completion Screen

GTA V Heist 1 Completion Screen

Heist #2: The Merryweather Heist

Approach: Option A or B

Crew: There is no crew for this particular heist

Summary: No matter which way you choose to do this heist, you’ll still make $0. So there’s really no point in having it on this list, but I’ll write a fake summary here so people who are only looking at the first heist won’t wonder why there’s no summary for this heist. So in order to fill up some space here, I’ll just say random stuff. I really wish this game had more than 5 heists. That’s really the only major complaint I have with this game. Hopefully, Rockstar will release some single player DLC that adds more heists, or just places to rob in general. Hopefully, GTA:O has more big heists to pull off. Anyway, here’s a heist pthe assed screen.

Heist #2 Completion Screen

GTA V Heist 2 Completion Screen

Heist #3: The Paleto Score

Approach: N/A for this heist

Crew: Gunman – Packie Mcreary (if you took him on the jewel store job), or Chef

Summary: For this heist, every time you or your accomplices get shot in the back, you lose money. You start with $8,016,020, and if you play really well you might be able to keep it above 8 million. Packie Mcreary and Chef are the best to bring along for this heist (Packie having a slight edge in stats if you brought him on the jewel store job), as they perform pretty well and cost 2% less than Gustavo Mota. If you bring Norm Richards or Daryl Johns, he’ll be hit by a police car and pinned against a wall about halfway through the mission, and you’ll be forced to leave him behind and lose a third of the money. You are able to pick his money up which results in a higher take (thanks to /u/halpmeimdieing for confirming this). (Edit: You’ll probably want to keep Norm around for the last heist where he’ll save you a lot of money).

GTA V Heist 3 Completion Screen

Heist #4: The Bureau Raid

Approach: Option B (Roof Entry)

Crew: Hacker – Rickie Lukens, Gunman – Norm Richards, Driver – Taliana Martinez (or Karim Denz if you don’t have her)

Summary: In this heist, only Franklin gets paid, so don’t worry when Michael’s cut is $0. Bringing a better hacker than Rickie will help you navigate the hacking minigame faster, but it’s not necessary. Norm Richards performs just fine as a gunman, so there’s no need to bring someone more talented. Taliana is the best driver as she does just as good of a job as Eddie Toh, and takes 9% less of a cut. She can be found along the side of the freeway on in the north east area of the map, next to an overturned car. Finding her is a random encounter, and you have to driver her to Sandy Shores before she dies. She’s absolutely worth it, as you gain a lot of money by using her (especially on the last heist). Taliana will be waiting outside in an ambulance, allowing you to drive past the cops without attracting their attention. If you used Karim in the first heist, and again in this one, he’ll also be in an ambulance (thanks to /u/Pizza-The-Hutt for pointing that out). If not, he’ll show up late in a van instead of an ambulance, and you’ll have to lose the cops. Sometimes Norm will shoot at the cops when you’re escaping in the ambulance, and you’ll gain a wanted level. I’ve done this mission without him alerting the police, but it’s not a big deal if he does. During my testing, picking option B only increased my take $33,198 more than option A, so either option earns you a similar amount. If you choose to do option A, however, make sure to bring along Packie and Gus Mota, because Norm will die if he comes along (Edit: You’ll probably want to keep Norm around for the last heist where he’ll save you a lot of money).

GTA V Heist Completion Screen

Heist #5: The Big Score

Approach: Option B (Obvious)

Crew: Driver #1 (Helicopter) – Taliana Martinez, Driver #2 (Train) – Karim Denz, Gunman #1 – Cheapest gunman you have, Gunman #2 – Again, cheapest gunman (they have no effect on the outcome of the heist, so might as well go as cheap as possible.)

Summary: This is the big one right here. You can get a whopping $41,664,000 PER CHARACTER if you do this heist right. Have Taliana pilot the chopper, as she’ll do the job just fine, and she only asks for 5%. Have Karim drive the train, because if he flies the helicopter he crashes it (this most likely wouldn’t happen if you used him in earlier heists, but I have no way of testing this). For one gunman, make sure to use the two cheapest gunmen you have, as they have no effect on this heist. If you want to do option A (which I like better), the most you can make is $34,892,000, which is $6,772,000 less than option B. To do option A, use the following crew: Packie or Chef for gunman #1, Norm Richards for gunman #2, Taliana Martinez for driver #1, Karim Denz for driver #2, and Rickie Lukens for a hacker.

GTA V Heist 5 Completion Screen

So there it is! The highest possible take for each heist. Again, if you find any mistakes I’ve made or things I missed, please let me know! I’ll make sure to edit in any changes in strategies if someone points out better ones. Enjoy your riches folks.

Official Edit #1: I’ve got an information man! New shit has come to light! When you let Norm Richards die in any heist, it unlocks Daryl Johns as a gunman who is even cheaper than Norm (he only wants 6%!). I didn’t know this, as replaying missions only lets you use the default heist crew and the three unlockable crew. So using Daryl on the last heist can bring your total up to $38,640,000 per character (thanks to Reddit user ImAVibration for pointing this out). I’ll be sure to edit the summaries and make Norm’s death less of a big deal. So as of right now, the totals I got for each heist above are not the maximum amounts. Using Daryl Johns, or other even cheaper gunmen that may exist instead of Norm Richards should net you a bit of extra cash. I also have a request if someone could help me out right here: Norm’s death unlocking a cheaper gunman makes me wonder how many different gunmen you can unlock when the old ones die, and if those gunmen get any cheaper. For example, if Norm dies on heist #1, then Daryl dies on heist #3, does Daryl get a cheaper replacement? And if we let that possibly cheaper replacement die on the A approach of heist #4, do we get an even cheaper replacement to use on the last heist? If anyone can confirm any of this and pm me or something, that would be great. I’d replay the game myself, but I’m going to be working on getting all the offline trophies this next week in preparation for GTA:O. Thanks in advance!

Official Edit #2: Well apparently some people have Daryl Johns unlocked as a gunman, but never let Norm die. So at this point in time, I’m not 100% sure on what unlocks him. If you have both of them, be sure to use both on the final heist as you can make over 40 million per character that way. I’ll add another edit as soon as I know what exactly unlocks Daryl.

Official Edit #3: I’m pretty sure at this point that you will have Daryl Johns unlocked and able to use for the last heist without having to let anyone die or anything like that. I was just unable to use him during mission replays, which caused me to get a lower take on the final heist.

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