GTA V: iFruit App Patch 2.0 Changelog Revealed, Various Bug and Issues Fixed

Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games via their official Support Page has revealed the changelog of recent iFruit patch 2.0.

GTA VYou can check out the full details below.

  • Optimized network usage
  • Improved error handling
  • Fixed issue with Michaels order being free
  • Fixed issue with save timers not resetting when signing out
  • Fixed issue with password/email resetting if the remember details button isn’t checked
  • Fixed issue where turning notifications off wouldn’t activate until the user exited and re-entered the settings screen
  • Fixed issue where the user was unable to link to Facebook if their iPhone had already been linked
  • Fixed issue with users names not appearing in Facebook posts
  • Fixed issue with fetching save information, which in turn would cause the app to act like it was in a ‘new account’ state
  • Fixed issue where the app would switch to safari when selecting a link in Lifeinvader/Social Club/Store
  • The ‘Your Plates’ section now updates after you’ve changed your license plate, instead of after the app’s synced with the game
  • Added a fall back if the current platform the user has selected isn’t linked to the account
  • Facebook icons now stored on Social Club backend instead of being uploaded via the app
  • Updated app icons
  • Added delay between Social Club sign-in attempts
  • Updated Social Club password requirements
  • Various bug fixes

Note: If you place a Los Santos Customs order through iFruit and a notification does not appear as a text message in the game, please relaunch GTA V and the order should then arrive.