GTA V Invincibility Cheat Discovered by YouTube User, But Decides Not To Share

GTA V screen

GTA V Image 3

Entire GTA community is waiting patiently for GTA V Invincibility Cheat and it seems like YouTube user GHOST22x02 has discovered it for PS3, but the problem is, so far he’s not sharing it us anyone.


As a proof of his GTA V Invincibility cheat find, GHOST22x02 has posted a total of SIX footage showing how his character “Franklin” defying death in a variety of ridiculously and dangerous situations such as jumping from buildings, crashing into buildings, getting hit by trains, jumping from Helicopter and more.

Take a look at the footage below. We can just request Ghost22x02 to please share the GTA V Invincibility Cheat Code to all of us, please.

Any message you want to give to Ghost22x02?, share it in the comment section below.


Some users of Reddit are stating that Ghost22x02 has not discovered GTA V Invincibility Cheat and has modded game save with unlimited health

[Videos Deleted]