GTA V Leak in Middle East Reports and Pics Are FAKE, Proof Inside

GTA V screen

GTA V Image 3

Just a few minutes ago a Xbox 360 user named “PainKiller Q8” posted a new image stating that he got access to copy of “Grand Theft Auto V” ahead of official release.

GTA VThe image showcase GTA V game case with TWO disc and map and other Rockstar’s Social Club. Reddit user StevenWongo has proven these latest claim of PainKiller Q8 as FAKE, below are the reasons for calling it FAKE.

Recent Game Activity of PainKiller Q8 (on Xbox Live) Does Not List GTA V (details HERE)
Via Twitter PainKiller Q8 is asking Rockstar Games if he can ride horses in GTA V (details HERE)
This is his second time creating fake pictures and claiming to have it (details HERE).

So guys in short don’t believe in these types of rumors (until and unless someone show a shot of the, playing GTA V and not just a picture of the disc). GTA V will launch on September 17, 2013

Source: Reddit