GTA V: List of Features And Elements That Was Cut From Final Retail Build

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So you guys are enjoying every minor details, features and elements in Grand Theft Auto V. This game is definitely one of the top contender for Game of The Generation award, but how will you react if i tell you that Rockstar Games cut few features and elements from the final build of GTA V?.

GTA VDefinitely you will be curious what are those features that was removed from GTA V final build. Don’t worry we have you cover of this topic, read below full list of planned features/elements that were cut out of GTA V final build, but Beware Guys, Read At Your Own Risk, Spoilers Ahead.

  • The layout of the city has changed a lot. If you look at the official trailers/character trailers, a lot of cutscenes in the final build are in entirely different locations and angles. The Senora Desert was originally going to be much larger.
  • A mansion heist was partly coded but left out of the final game, called “The Sharmoota Job”. Strings of code/text reveal the heist to consist of Michael and Trevor pretending to be a couple and being shown around a neighborhood, and robbing a mansion.
  • Code within the game reveals that The “deathwish” option at the end of the game originally intended to kill Franklin off, replacing him with Lamar. There are significantly more animations and lines of dialogue for Lamar than there are other characters.
  • A mission involving flying a fighter jet and shooting down Buzzards was removed, as seen in trailer 2.
  • Cutscenes depicting Tracey arguing with Amanda, and Tracey playing an offensive Just Dance-like game were cut out.
  • Vinewood Boulevard Radio started out as Nightride FM, a chillwave/synthpop station hosted by DJ Kavinsky.
  • Many songs were taken out of the game’s in-game radio roster, such as Love Sosa by Chief Keef, Radar Love by Golden Earring, and Bird On A Wire by Action Bronson.
  • In a magazine preview (IIRC it was European), it was said that in Blaine County, nights were so dark that the only source of light were from vehicles’ headlights.
  • Anthony Cumia of the Opie & Anthony Show revealed that he was appearing in the game as a “Breaking Bad”-like character. That character didn’t end up in the final build.
  • Andy Milonakis revealed on Twitter that he went to the Rockstar offices to do voice-over work. He didn’t appear in the final build.

Source: Reddit