GTA V: List of Unique Body Modifications for Cars

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Take a look at long list of Unique Body modifications of cars in Grand Theft Auto V. This is one of the best list right now present on internet.

GTA VGTA V is already out on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. PC and Next-gen version not yet officially announced.

  • Cavalcade: upgraded sound system in back (subwoofers, amp, etc)
  • Bodhi: Bull horns to hood and roof. Headlight covers
  • Sand King XL: Unique roll cage in truck bed. Camper shell
  • Rebel (rusty version): Several trophy/baha truck bed mods. Nets for windows
  • Rat Loader: Shortened truck bed. Unique grill. Unique exhaust options. Non-chrome bug catcher intakes
  • Dubsta: Several off road mods. Tire on hood. Snorkle. spare tire on back.
  • Sultan: WRX style hood intake. Tachometer added to dash
  • Sabre Turbo: Several unique muscle car mods. Roll cage with NOS tank. Painted from and rear bumpers. Side shot exhaust
  • Phoenix: High rise spoiler. Glass T-Tops
  • Ruiner: Very tall blunderbuss style exhaust
  • Futo: Also has very tall blunderbuss style exhast
  • Peyote: Cowl induction hood. Painted/chrome spare tire. Curb feelers. zebra seat covers. Los Santos plaquered
  • Tornado: Unique bumbers. Hood ornaments. Unique exhaust options.
  • Manana: Has some low rider mods similar to the Peyote
  • Bagger: Remove saddle bags. Remove Fairing
  • Youga: Can add overhead camper modification
  • Asea: Stickerbomb modifications to bumper, fenders, hood, and roof.

Source: Reddit